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AVHRR Level 1B - Metop - Global

The Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) operates at 5 different channels simultaneously in the visible and infrared bands, with wavelengths specified in the instrument channels description. Channel 3 switches between 3a and 3b for daytime and nighttime. As a high-resolution imager (about 1.1 km near nadir) its main purpose is to provide cloud and surface information such as cloud coverage, cloud top temperature, surface temperature over land and sea, and vegetation or snow/ice. In addition, AVHRR products serve as input for the level 2 processing of IASI and ATOVS. Metop-A data are available in the Data Centre up to 15/11/2021.

Satellite: Metop

Instrument: AVHRR

Temporal Extent: 2008-03-01 - now

Orbit Type:

Data Policy: NoConditions

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