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SLSTR Level 1B Radiances and Brightness Temperatures (version BC004) - Sentinel-3 - Reprocessed

The SLSTR level 1 products contain: the radiances of the 6 visible (VIS), Near Infra-Red (NIR) and Short Wave Infra-Red (SWIR) bands (on the A and B stripe grids); the Brightness Temperature (BT) for the 3 Thermal Infra-Red (TIR) bands; the BT for the 2 Fire (FIR) bands. Resolution: 1km at nadir (TIR), 500m (VIS). All are provided for both the oblique and nadir view. These measurements are accompanied with grid and time information, quality flags, error estimates and meteorological auxiliary data. Sentinel-3 is part of a series of Sentinel satellites, under the umbrella of the EU Copernicus programme. This collection contains reprocessed data from baseline collection 004. Operational data can be found in the corresponding collection.

Satellite: Sentinel-3

Instrument: SLSTR

Temporal Extent: 2018-05-09 - 2020-02-16

Orbit Type:

Data Policy: Copernicus

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