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GOME-2 Level 1B Fundamental Data Record Release 3 - Metop-A and -B

This is release 3 of the Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment 2 (GOME-2) Level 1B Fundamental Data Record from Metop-A and -B. GOME-2 is an optical spectrometer. GOME-2 senses the Earth’s backscattered radiance and extra-terrestrial solar irradiance in the ultraviolet and visible part of the spectrum (240 nm – 790 nm) at a high spectral resolution between 0.26 nm and 0.51 nm. There are 4096 spectral points from four detector channels transferred for each individual GOME-2 measurement. This is a Fundamental Data Record (FDR). Disclaimer: GOME2-A channel 3 should be careful to use for the period: April 2007 until March 2009 when doing DOAS retrievals.

Satellite: Metop

Instrument: GOME-2

Temporal Extent: 2007-04-01 - 2020-07-31

Orbit Type:

Data Policy: GeneralLicense

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