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Climate-quality Advanced Microwave Radiometer Level 2 Products (baseline version F06) - Sentinel-6 - Reprocessed

This is a reprocessed dataset at baseline F06, which is continued by the NRT/NTC data stream from 29/April/2022 onwards. AMR-C Level 2 Products as generated by the AMR-C CFI Processor. These products include antenna and brightness temperatures, wet tropospheric correction, water vapour content, and a rain flag. Sentinel-6 is part of a series of Sentinel satellites, under the umbrella of the EU Copernicus programme. It is a collaborative Copernicus mission, implemented and co-funded by the European Commission, ESA, EUMETSAT and the USA, through NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Satellite: Sentinel-6

Instrument: AMR-C

Temporal Extent: 2020-11-28 - 2022-04-28

Orbit Type:

Data Policy: Copernicus

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