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MVIRI Level 1.5 Climate Data Record Release 1 - MFG - 57 degree

Release 1 of the Fundamental Climate Data Record (FCDR) of the Meteosat Visible and Infrared Imager (MVIRI) onboard the Meteosat First Generation (MFG) provides georectified, recalibrated, and consolidated Level 1.5 data of the visible (VIS), infrared (IR) and water vapor (WV) bands along with all metadata, spectral response functions (reconstructed for the VIS channel), as well as calibration information to compute radiance, brightness temperature and reflectance. The VIS band data are provided along with detailed measurement uncertainties and error correlation information. As further elaborated in the Product User Guide, the files are provided in FIDUCEO EASY and FULL (only available on special request) netCDF4 formats. Release 1 of the MVIRI FCDR consists of data from the Meteosat-7 satellite with nominal sub-satellite longitude 57 degrees. Release 1 was produced as part of the FP7 ERA-CLIM2 and H2020 FIDUCEO project.

Satellite: MFG

Instrument: MVIRI

Temporal Extent: 2006-10-06 - 2017-04-04

Orbit Type:

Data Policy: GeneralLicense

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